Regeneration of the guiTARDIS

My clinical psychology practice has been taking up the bulk of my time and energy, so I haven't had as much time for creating new music.  Thankfully music is becoming an integral part of my practice on so many levels.  

OK, so I am a bit of a Doctor Who fan.  Looks like I am in good company.  "guiTARDIS" is an obvious pun, but it just seemed to fit.   I made some changes to the studio, and am enjoying the most stable and powerful Digital Audio Workstation that I have ever experienced.   Really nice to not have to worry about my computer crashing in the middle of a recording session.  

I'm back to doing some composing and songwriting, and have a collaboration in the works that I am really excited about.  If everything goes according to plan, we will have an EP ready to release by the end of the summer.  The label name may be getting an overhaul as well.  Stay tuned! 

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