6/1/2021:  For Immediate Release 

The Music Therapy Experiment Has Released Their Brand-New Record – Art and Science Is Out Now! 

From the moment they released their debut record Genus Equus back in 2017, the duo of Mark Christianson and John P. Kline, entered into an entire realm of inventive instrumental sound with limitless potential and possibilities.  As The Music Therapy Experiment, they’ve gone on to release a brand-new record like clockwork each and every year ever since, making their latest entry – Art and Science – the fifth audibly adventurous album they’ve put out for the world to enjoy in the process of building a legacy of innovative and imaginative sound of their own design.  You are cordially invited to join the fun! 

Over the course of eleven stunning new tunes, The Music Therapy Experiment dives deep into Art and Science on every conceivable level.  Through the wildly artistic & ambitious structuring of their instrumentation, to the use of advanced technological gear in the studio, The Music Therapy Experiment proudly blurs the line between Art and Science, and proves how effective they can be when combined in tandem.  From blissfully serene melodies, to the intensity of their most supercharged moments, Mark & John surge with passion in their performances, and display how powerfully effective they are as a cohesive unit as they passionately morph through complex time-signatures, intricately played instrumentation, and genuinely unique ideas that take them enthusiastically into an unexplored universe of sound & style – real hybrid fusion guaranteed to stimulate serious brainwaves & generate good times. 

With both players competently & capably trading instruments & lead songwriting duties along the way, the latest album by The Music Therapy Experiment speaks volumes on behalf of what Mark and John are able to achieve on their own, DIY, together.  Art and Science features a spectacular wealth of professionalism from the production to their performances, yet also retains the inspired attitude, original authenticity, and spirited fun that fans around the globe know & love The Music Therapy Experiment for.  As ambitious & challenging as it was to create, the end results reveal an album that is as equally compelling as it is entertaining – Art and Science is a thought-provoking, evocative, all-out gripping record from start to finish that is filled with sensory songs & unforgettable experiences. 

From endearing & heartwarming atmospheres, to unapologetically fierce musical expressionism, Art and Science contains something uniquely special for everybody listening, and shines a bright light on their evolution in sound.  Through their remarkable talents combined in an array of dazzling instrumentation, and the infusion of both Art and Science within their songs, The Music Therapy Experiment has created a collage of style that celebrates vibes found from the east to the west in a set-list that knows no borders or limitations when it comes to entertainment. 

Out and available now on every major online platform, join The Music Therapy Experiment this year for the official release of Art and Science, and be ready for a vibrant dose of sensational musicianship, riotously addictive sound & radiant originality, that puts the pure unbridled chemistry between Mark and John on full display like never before.


About The Project ---

The Music Therapy Experiment is a musical project began by guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Dr. John Kline in an attempt to keep himself from going nucking futz.  He seems to be making progress.   

The good doctor’s history with music began during his childhood in Montana, raised among the sheep and the dental floss, and includes stints as a touring musician in a variety of bands in a variety of genres during the variety of his adolescence and early adult life.   John studied music and psychology in college, and later put music on the back burner in order to pursue graduate and post-doctoral scholarship in psychology.  After being transplanted to Mobile AL in a series of improbable and unanticipated events during a decade as an academic gypsy / faculty member, John began to construct the guiTARDIS, which is a 24 track digital audio recording studio in Mobile AL, where he practices Clinical Psychology, and plans to do so until he gets it right. The guiTARDIS is his “padded room” where nerves can de-jangle and worries can be left outside.  Improvisational music therapy soothes. It may also help combat anxiety and depression.  Improvisational music therapy also seems to result in creative output in the form of songs and free-form compositions.  Who knew?

John has dozens of scientific publications to his credit on topics ranging from neuroscience and unconscious cognition to adult personality and psychopathology.   He has also released several albums as a solo multi-instrumentalist, including “Flipside” (2002), “Instrumental Conditioning” (2006), and “Different Drummers” (2012).  The Music Therapy Experiment’s first album, “Make it Home,” was released in 2016. John is a voting member of The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.  He enjoys creating for its own sake, and encourages artists, scholars,                    arm-chair philosophers, poets, musicians, and accountants… hmmm…. ok…. Maybe not accountants…  anyway, he encourages people to create music, art, and literature simply because it is there to be created, and scientists to look for the truth because it is there to be discovered.   John has never been to the North Pole, but has eaten Spam compote.  It was a single occurrence.

Fellow “Doctor Who?” enthusiast and multi-instrumentalist / drummer / bassist Mark Christianson joined John in redefining the project in 2017 with the release of “Genus Equus,” and has continued the collaboration with the 2018 release of “Spontaneous Design.” Decades ago, Mark played with local punk band “Spastic Fury.”  He currently owns and operates Xush Studios in Mobile AL, and has recorded award-winning music with art/progressive/cinematic alternative band, Analog Missionary.   Mark is endorsed by Hornets Drumsticks, Axis pedals, Turk Masters Cymbals, and FBB basses.  Mark has never been a ballerina, and in all likelihood has never eaten Spam compote.   He apparently has, however, eaten Spam sushi.  In the future, Mark plans to start a band called “Laconic Umami,” which will only last 3 months before all members spontaneously combust EXCEPT the drummer.

In the tradition of Steely Dan, Mark and John continue their creativity and musical experimentation in an eclectic spirit of therapeutic composition.  “A Thousand Words,”  was released today, 4/20/2019 on CD Baby, and as such is available in CD and digital download formats.   John plays guitar, bass, keyboards, harmonica, banjo, djembe, recorder, and sings.  He engineers and produces the project in "The guiTARDIS.” Mark plays drums, bass, djembe, and guitar.   They are dedicated to musical exploration and experimentation as a means of enhancing the mental and physical health of musicians and audiences.  John and Mark are the music therapy experiment, and invite you to join them.    

If you are, a like-minded musician or fan, they would love to hear from you.   

John wrote this portion of the bio, and had some difficulty consistently referring to himself in the third person.


Kind Regards,


The Doctor in the guiTARDIS